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About Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Acerca del análisis de comportamiento aplicado (ABA)

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Everything we do is behavior.  Eating, sleeping, communicating... are all examples.  Therapy focuses on increasing appropriate behaviors that contribute to the client's independence.  As a result of the development of new skills, children also learn to have more control over their own behaviors.  Programs may focus on a wide variety of behaviors such as social skills, play skills, pre-academic skills, attending, self-care, reduction of interfering behaviors, and improved communication.

Essential elements of an ABA program:


1.  Comprehensive assessment, which identifies the function of behavior and links the function to treatment recommendations.

2.  Treatment programs are individualized and carefully constructed utilizing evidence-based behavior principles.

3.  Emphasis is on the current and future value of behavior change.

4.  Behaviors are broken down into their smallest components.

5.  Continued collection and analysis of observational data.

6.  Treatment protocols are implemented frequently and consistently.

7.  Involves direct support and training of family members and other professionals.

8.  Supervision of programming and treatment is maintained by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

Elementos esenciales de un programa ABA:

1. Evaluación integral que identifica la función del comportamiento y vincula la función con las recomendaciones de tratamiento.

2. Los programas de tratamiento son individualizados y cuidadosamente construidos utilizando principios de comportamiento basados ​​en evidencia.

3. El énfasis está en el valor actual y futuro del cambio de comportamiento.

4. Los comportamientos se dividen en sus componentes más pequeños.

5. Continua recopilación y análisis de datos de observación.

6. Los protocolos de tratamiento se implementan con frecuencia y de manera consistente.

7. Implica el apoyo directo y la capacitación de miembros de la familia y otros profesionales.

8. La supervisión de la programación y el tratamiento es mantenida por un Analista de comportamiento certificado por la Junta.

Components of An ABA Treatment Program.
Componentes de un programa de tratamiento ABA.

Skills Based Training (designed to empower children  to be able to advocate for themselves.)  

Natural Environment Teaching-NET

      (aka. Naturalistic Learning-designed to help children learn through their play activities)


Functional Communication Training-FCT

     (PECS, ASL, ACC, or other forms of communication for functional purposes)


Self Management Skills

    (Those skills necessary for independent living)

 Leisure Skills

     (Independent Play Skills)

Habilidades de ocio

     (Habilidades de juego independiente)


Social Skills

     (Family interactions, peer-based play)

Habilidades Sociales

     (Interacciones familiares, juego basado en pares)


Other programs include:

Eating, sleeping, hair cutting, daily grooming activities, toilet training, and so much more




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