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AUG 22nd, 2022-SEPT 4th, 2022

Registered Behavior Tech (RBT) Certification Course

Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) work under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in a variety of settings including therapeutic clinics, educational settings, in-home services, and more. 

In Delta Tech’s Registered Behavior Tech classes, students will learn the skills necessary to play for a living.  These classes cover the foundational elements of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Whether working in a clinic, a school or out in the community, students can use these techniques to enrich the lives of children and dramatically impact the child’s quality of life. In this RBT course, students will be trained in a wide variety of skills necessary to carry out behavior treatment plans including hands-on, real-world role-playing, and practice.

Students will learn the entry-level skills related to direct client care through play, behavioral reduction, behavioral acquisition, collection and documentation of data, administration of assessments, the creation and preparation of client materials as well as how to run client-based behavior trials.

Once students have completed classes they will be students will have obtained training in the following:

  • The science and evidence of Applied Behavior Analysis

  • ABA Terminology and Theory

  • Basic therapeutic technics and data collection

  • Versatile ways to shape behavior

  • Behavior Analytic Certification Board registration and certification process.


Upon successful completion of all classes, students will be prepared for the RBT competency and board certification exam.

Check out to learn more about the certification process.

*All classes will be taught in the Vo Tech center.



40 hours total



2 weeks - 4 hours per day (M-F)


When: August 22nd (TBD)

Cost: $400 includes materials. 



Completion of the course prepares students to sit for the RBT Competency and Board Certification Exam.



  • Measurement of behaviors

  • How to enter behavior data

  • Assessment of behavior

  • Conducting skill assessments

  • Teaching skill acquisition

  • Preparation for a play-based learning session

  • Implementation of skill trials

  • Strategies to reduce behaviors

  • Identification of essential components of behavior

  • Documentation and reporting

  • How to create effective session notes 

  • Professional Conduct & Scope of Practice

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